A Greek Tragedy in 10 seconds

Based upon a lame joke I made up in my head ages ago but never told anyone until today, and presented without apology.

Wife: Euripides?

Husband: Yeah, got caught on a nail.

Wife: Tragic.

Husband: Eumenides?

Wife: Uh, no. The sewing kit’s in the drawer. Eumenidoze yourself.

Now don’t get mad.  I did warn you it would be lame, but you went on and read it anyway.

Tragically, you’ve only yourself to blame.


About Bobbie Laughman

Christian. Grandma. Writer-ish. Artistic leanings. Conservative Libertarian Constitutionalist. Anti-social. Old School Trekkie. Chief Cook. Bottle Washer. Notorious.
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5 Responses to A Greek Tragedy in 10 seconds

  1. Patty says:

    So what’s lame about it? I think it’s lol funny!

    • Patty says:

      It has occurred to me that maybe I don’t completely “get” this, but it reminds me of the Marx brothers, and it made me laugh. Thanks for sharing it.

      • Bobbie Laughman says:

        Thanks. It’s just a play on the sound of the names. I had to explain it to my husband, who said, after the explanation, that yes, he got that, but he was expecting there to be a deeper meaning. Humph.

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