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Wordless Wednesday: Date Night with DH

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The Truth is Out There: Abducted by Migraines

I have experienced time-loss. You know, that thing that Mulder talks about when aliens do their wacky mojo on him and Scully, or on the guest star of the week. I might as well have been abducted by aliens yesterday. … Continue reading

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‘Fess Up Friday: Time to Backpedal

Seems I went and made an egregious error when I set parameters for myself concerning this blog. Here are the things I neglected to take into account: Life That pretty much sums it up, because it encompasses everything. While I … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Misfit

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True Story Tuesday: In which I finally get some sleep

Last May, I had a heart attack. Hint: I didn’t die. But if I hadn’t thought “this couldn’t be a heart attack….could it?” and used the internet to figure out it probably WAS, and called 911, I wouldn’t be here … Continue reading

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Memories Monday: In which I express strong feelings about 70s fashion and design and the color orange

I remember the 70s, having lived through its entirety. Looking back at the clothing, most of it was what I would call good and acceptable, except for that ghastly pair of red-black-yellow-and-white plaid stretch trousers my mother bought and forced … Continue reading

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In which I say hello to the internet

Hello Internet! My name is Bobbie Laughman, and I’ve been online since before ever hearing the word “internet” – although I really didn’t know what I was doing back in the days of electronic bulletin boards. At that time I … Continue reading

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