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Next Stop, Twilight Zone?

Is my phone haunted by the ghost of a five year old girl? Continue reading

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A Greek Tragedy in 10 seconds

Based upon a lame joke I made up in my head ages ago but never told anyone until today, and presented without apology. Wife: Euripides? Husband: Yeah, got caught on a nail. Wife: Tragic. Husband: Eumenides? Wife: Uh, no. The sewing kit’s in the drawer. Eumenidoze … Continue reading

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When SNL was funny

I just found the beginning of Saturday Night Live (SNL) on Netflix. Well, more precisely, I found Saturday Night. You see, back then it wasn’t called Saturday Night Live, because there was another show premiering that same year entitled Saturday Night Live with Howard … Continue reading

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So, I couldn’t remember how much to pay the chiropractor – (Not Entirely) Wordless Wednesday

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Brevity is the soul of….somebody else’s wit

I’ve just been reading over/editing some of my work, and I got lost. Right there, smack dab in the middle of a paragraph, I lost track of what the heck it was about…..and I’m the one who wrote the darn thing. My sentences … Continue reading

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