When SNL was funny

I just found the beginning of Saturday Night Live (SNL) on Netflix.

Well, more precisely, I found Saturday Night. You see, back then it wasn’t called Saturday Night Live, because there was another show premiering that same year entitled Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell, which I know about because our dad found Howard amusing, so he watched it. The show only lasted 18 episodes. Why? Because frankly, it sucked. And mostly, it sucked because of Howard Cosell. But since dad liked him, the show got at least a few airings in our living room. Howard may (may) have been a good sports commentator, but giving him a variety show was a boondoggle, doomed from the get-go. After a while, Saturday Night changed its name to Saturday Night Live, since nobody was using the name any longer, and because that’s what it should have been called to begin with. But, I digress…

Once I started the first episode playing, it was pure déjà vu.

George Carlin was the host (and if you’ve avoided watching him because you heard he was vulgar, this is a pretty clean/safe way to experience his wry wit.) I knew I’d begun watching Saturday Night during its first season, after convincing my parents to let me stay up (I was only 12 1/2 when it first aired, and I usually had to be in bed by 10pm) but until now I didn’t realize I’d actually seen the first episode. (Granted, I may not have seen that first episode until it went into re-runs — when they re-aired the episodes after finishing the live broadcasts for the first season.)

Yesterday, I had just told my husband about the first time I’d ever seen Andy Kaufman, because we were deciding whether to watch Man in the Moon, which is about him. Turns out that what I described to him was in this first ever episode of Saturday Night (Live). I’ve embedded the video below. Turn on your speakers and watch it, and you’ll learn a bit more about me, because my 12-year-old self was mesmerized by this short performance. It was one of the most hilarious things I’d ever seen. (Don’t worry, there’s nothing offensive to anyone.)

And as I slowly re-watch this first season, I’m certain I’ll discover some origins of my quirky sense of humour that not everybody gets.

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1 Response to When SNL was funny

  1. yur bruthur says:

    I still do not get it.

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