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The Opposite Of Grammar – Addendum, Being Composed Of, But Most Definitely Not Comprising All Complaints On The Topic

Have you noticed that almost nobody uses the word comprise and its various forms (comprised, comprising) correctly? Just this morning, in Supposedly Professional Print Media, I noticed a writer using comprised as a synonym for composed, which it is not. Both are used to describe the … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Grammar – My Idiomatic Idiosyncracies

I’m not a Grammar Nazi. Nor am I on the Spelling S.W.A.T. team. And I am most especially not the Punctuation Police. I wouldn’t have any moral high ground to stand on if I was any of those. Which you already know if … Continue reading

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A new leaf

Seriously? Four months? I knew it had been a while since I’d written…well, pretty much anything other than facebook statuses (statusi? statusies?) and an occasional tweet. What happened? I’ve really just let the writing slide, because I failed to make it … Continue reading

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…and trying to avoid the negative prefix usually attached to that word. Because we don’t use those here. You might have noticed that I’ve not posted anything that would qualify as real content for a while, rather than just filler – and there … Continue reading

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Writer’s Strike: Brain Cells Demand Vacation, Coffee Upgrade

The writing just hasn’t been coming lately. I’ll get ideas when I can’t write, and then when I can sit down at the keyboard….ZipZeroNada. Vanished, every last whiff of it. If I was being graded on my blogging consistency, or on … Continue reading

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Brevity is the soul of….somebody else’s wit

I’ve just been reading over/editing some of my work, and I got lost. Right there, smack dab in the middle of a paragraph, I lost track of what the heck it was about…..and I’m the one who wrote the darn thing. My sentences … Continue reading

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Venturing into new(ish) territory as a writer

I don’t do fiction. While I have written fiction, I’m not a Real Fiction Writer. Um. That is to say, I have never done completely original fiction (except one short story that I sold for an embarrassingly tiny sum of money and therefore … Continue reading

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Mush brain. With syrup.

Writer’s block? I’m not sure if that’s technically what’s going on here or not. It seems that term implies a desire to write. Truly, I want to have a desire to write, but lately, it’s just not there. I have conversations … Continue reading

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