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Next Stop, Twilight Zone?

Is my phone haunted by the ghost of a five year old girl? Continue reading

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The Coin and I

This penny surprised me when I found it over the weekend. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but then I don’t claim photography as one of my skills. While it doesn’t qualify as “mint condition,” it is surprisingly shiny and unmarred, considering it’s … Continue reading

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Creamy One-Pan Pasta with a Kick

Pinterest is great at sucking time away from your day, so I use it a whole lot less than I used to (just as I’ve tried to do with other social networking websites). But, yesterday I spent a few minutes on Pinterest, … Continue reading

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Where’s my cape?

I know I’m only two, Gramma, but, I’m pretty sure a superhero is supposed to have a cape.

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Clever People

The Round Barn. So named because it is round. And a barn.

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Confessions of a surreal killer…

When my kids were little they loved watching Veggie Tales, starring Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. Sometimes, when preparing a meal, I would carve a face into a cucumber so it looked like Larry, and show it to … Continue reading

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Gimme All Your Bluffin’

During my junior and senior years at college, there was a group of us who kind of always ate lunch together. Well, actually it was this guy I really adored and would do anything to be around *COUGH* stalker *COUGH COUGH*, … Continue reading

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So, I couldn’t remember how much to pay the chiropractor – (Not Entirely) Wordless Wednesday

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Angel Baby

Light of my life, Elizabeth, at 23 months.

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My Kitschy Valentine

Whether you call it folk art or kitsch, this is a superb example of the purest form of expression imaginable, created by Not Artists who aren’t intimidated into not “doing art” because they’re not trained as artists, made with care and whatever … Continue reading

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