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Howard Johnson’s — the Best Fried Clams in the world — or maybe I just didn’t know any better

Of all the memories I have of my grandparents (on my mom’s side — my dad’s dad died before my parents even got married, and my dad’s mom was a crappy grandmother to us because she hated our mom) one … Continue reading

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The Coin and I

This penny surprised me when I found it over the weekend. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but then I don’t claim photography as one of my skills. While it doesn’t qualify as “mint condition,” it is surprisingly shiny and unmarred, considering it’s … Continue reading

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Gimme All Your Bluffin’

During my junior and senior years at college, there was a group of us who kind of always ate lunch together. Well, actually it was this guy I really adored and would do anything to be around *COUGH* stalker *COUGH COUGH*, … Continue reading

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A new leaf

Seriously? Four months? I knew it had been a while since I’d written…well, pretty much anything other than facebook statuses (statusi? statusies?) and an occasional tweet. What happened? I’ve really just let the writing slide, because I failed to make it … Continue reading

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…and trying to avoid the negative prefix usually attached to that word. Because we don’t use those here. You might have noticed that I’ve not posted anything that would qualify as real content for a while, rather than just filler – and there … Continue reading

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Nuts to you – OR – On the road again

Muffled cries of distress, coming from approximately the area of my abdomen, awoke me this morning. Babies, apparently, have nightmares just the same as the rest of us. I wonder at the content of my granddaughter’s dream, which seemed to involve … Continue reading

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Pride cometh before a fall. Or before the loss of what you just wrote that you thought was so amazing you couldn’t believe you wrote it.

And it’s just gone so nobody else will ever believe it, either. Ya know, that oughta learn ya something. But will it?

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Keurig K-Cup Koffee, here I kome!

Yesterday was mostly a pretty crappy day. I think I had a migraine, but not like my usual ones, during which I am non-functional as anything other than a (somewhat) human vomit machine. I kept calm and carried on, though my … Continue reading

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Separation and reconcilliation: Learning to see each other

So, I moved back in with my husband. Yes, back in. I had moved out last January, over a year ago, on the day before our 25th anniversary. As of today, I’ve been back here two weeks. I honestly believe that, if … Continue reading

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Mush brain. With syrup.

Writer’s block? I’m not sure if that’s technically what’s going on here or not. It seems that term implies a desire to write. Truly, I want to have a desire to write, but lately, it’s just not there. I have conversations … Continue reading

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