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When SNL was funny

I just found the beginning of Saturday Night Live (SNL) on Netflix. Well, more precisely, I found Saturday Night. You see, back then it wasn’t called Saturday Night Live, because there was another show premiering that same year entitled Saturday Night Live with Howard … Continue reading

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The End of Poverty? Not so much…

My husband often will point out certain movies that are going to be “falling off” of Netflix — i.e., they are available via streaming, but will shortly be unavailable. I’ve no idea how he comes by this information, but he does, … Continue reading

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The Opposite Of Grammar – Addendum, Being Composed Of, But Most Definitely Not Comprising All Complaints On The Topic

Have you noticed that almost nobody uses the word comprise and its various forms (comprised, comprising) correctly? Just this morning, in Supposedly Professional Print Media, I noticed a writer using comprised as a synonym for composed, which it is not. Both are used to describe the … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Grammar – My Idiomatic Idiosyncracies

I’m not a Grammar Nazi. Nor am I on the Spelling S.W.A.T. team. And I am most especially not the Punctuation Police. I wouldn’t have any moral high ground to stand on if I was any of those. Which you already know if … Continue reading

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