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Sand Tarts: A Sugar Cookie recipe that actually TASTES good — great for Christmas or any time!

You will think I’m exaggerating, but these buttery, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth treats are seriously the best sugar cookies EVER. When we were in college, years before we got married, David had talked about the Sand Tarts his grandma made. Apparently they were a … Continue reading

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Half-Full English Breakfast Oatmeal -or- What I Created This Morning

Pan-grilled in bacon grease: one huge mushroom, sliced, and one small tomato, halved. Meanwhile, cooked a serving of oatmeal. Stirred a bit of chopped onion into the oats. Set aside the mushroom and tomato, and cooked an egg, over easy. Oats … Continue reading

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Creamy One-Pan Pasta with a Kick

Pinterest is great at sucking time away from your day, so I use it a whole lot less than I used to (just as I’ve tried to do with other social networking websites). But, yesterday I spent a few minutes on Pinterest, … Continue reading

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Not Exactly a Square Meal – Circle Salad and Benadryl Crumblesnacks

“Elizabeth, we’re going to eat circles for supper tonight.” “Eat suh-kulls??” “Yes. We’re going to eat circles.” “Hur-ray!” [Not just “yay!” — she actually says, “Hurray!” on a somewhat regular basis, and she means it. Likely she picked it up … Continue reading

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Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

Apologies up front to everyone (especially myself) for not getting photos of this recipe before I set my family loose on it, because it vanished like magic. Poof! Gone. Also — I just noticed it’s been exactly three months since … Continue reading

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Feeding Your Face Hand-Over-Fist For the Fourth

Apparently it’s a tradition of which I remained blissfully unaware until today – Nathan’s sponsors a hot dog eating contest at Coney Island every Fourth of July. I’m staying at my sister’s house this week, and my brother-in-law recorded this … Continue reading

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Photo: Tasting Summer

Like I said in my first post, I’m not really a photographer. But since I do take pictures for posts/articles, I’ve got a reason to try to do better. So, I’m trying.

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Grocery Cart Poetry: Sour Cream

Sour cream covers a multitude of kitchen sins, but it is something of a temptation in and of itself. Or am I the only one who can’t resist a taste or two of the good stuff? And of course, by … Continue reading

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