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Howard Johnson’s — the Best Fried Clams in the world — or maybe I just didn’t know any better

Of all the memories I have of my grandparents (on my mom’s side — my dad’s dad died before my parents even got married, and my dad’s mom was a crappy grandmother to us because she hated our mom) one … Continue reading

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Sand Tarts: A Sugar Cookie recipe that actually TASTES good — great for Christmas or any time!

You will think I’m exaggerating, but these buttery, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth treats are seriously the best sugar cookies EVER. When we were in college, years before we got married, David had talked about the Sand Tarts his grandma made. Apparently they were a … Continue reading

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Not Exactly a Square Meal – Circle Salad and Benadryl Crumblesnacks

“Elizabeth, we’re going to eat circles for supper tonight.” “Eat suh-kulls??” “Yes. We’re going to eat circles.” “Hur-ray!” [Not just “yay!” — she actually says, “Hurray!” on a somewhat regular basis, and she means it. Likely she picked it up … Continue reading

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Where’s my cape?

I know I’m only two, Gramma, but, I’m pretty sure a superhero is supposed to have a cape.

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Confessions of a surreal killer…

When my kids were little they loved watching Veggie Tales, starring Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. Sometimes, when preparing a meal, I would carve a face into a cucumber so it looked like Larry, and show it to … Continue reading

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Gimme All Your Bluffin’

During my junior and senior years at college, there was a group of us who kind of always ate lunch together. Well, actually it was this guy I really adored and would do anything to be around *COUGH* stalker *COUGH COUGH*, … Continue reading

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So, I couldn’t remember how much to pay the chiropractor – (Not Entirely) Wordless Wednesday

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Angel Baby

Light of my life, Elizabeth, at 23 months.

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“DOGGIES!!” – or – Elizabeth Meets the Mutts

Before anyone freaks, I know they’re not mutts. I’m being lazy and using alliteration in my title because I’m too brain-fogged to be genuinely clever. I may be more apologetic over this later. Or not. I meant to post the clipping soon … Continue reading

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Adventures in Home Ownership, Plumbing Edition

This is a positive-outlook blog, so I shall not complain about the unsurprising but egregious error with the Manabloc PEX system, made by the plumbers-who-shall-not-be-named that we used in 1999 – which was only discovered about 20 minutes ago when our current-and-competent plumber came to install … Continue reading

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