The Coin and I

1963 pennyThis penny surprised me when I found it over the weekend. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but then I don’t claim photography as one of my skills.

While it doesn’t qualify as “mint condition,” it is surprisingly shiny and unmarred, considering it’s FIFTY YEARS OLD, and also considering the fact that it was just an average circulating coin, found in amongst fifty cents worth of  its somewhat less gleaming peers, all rolled up in a paper wrapper.

Though we both began our public circulation the same year, I must say this 1963 Lincoln cent has held up better than I, appearance-wise at least.

About Bobbie Laughman

May vanish if startled. Professional Advice Dispenser. Amateur Human Being. Scam Detector. Christian. Grandma. Writer-ish. Artistic leanings. Anti-social. Old School Trekkie. Contains Nuts.
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