Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

Apologies up front to everyone (especially myself) for not getting photos of this recipe before I set my family loose on it, because it vanished like magic. Poof! Gone.

Also — I just noticed it’s been exactly three months since I posted last. And barely a day went by that I didn’t mentally give myself a thrashing for not writing something, ANYTHING. Some changes will be occuring that I hope will lift my mental block to allowing myself to write. And…. it looks like things have changed in WordPress, so excuse me if there’s a hiccup or seven until I get things figured out again.

On to the food. This blog is not always about food, but it is sometimes about food. This is one of those times.


Yesterday, I was looking for something QUICK to make with diced turkey or chicken and came across a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad. I didn’t have all the ingredients, so I googled Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad, and found several, none of which I had all the ingredients to make. So…I jotted down ingredients from various recipes that I did have, and added a couple of my own ideas that sounded good, then went to work in short order, trying to get it made quickly because our daughter and granddaughter had just come over to watch something with us.

Well, I was hoping they’d at least not hate it, but everyone went wild. My son made me promise to make it again. A lot. Well, ALL THE TIME was what he requested, but obviously, I can’t agree to that. And so, while I sat down and made sure to accurately record everything I did before I forgot. Because I’ve been there done that — where I’m asked for repeats of something I just kinda made up but couldn’t remember exactly how I made it. Ooops. At least I’ve learned from my mistakes, right?

For the meat, I used a low-salt, no-preservatives precooked turkey breast from Plainville Farms, coated in herbes de provence. Sounds expensive, and probably is, but I got it at Mark’s Discount Groceries in New Oxford, PA – frozen, for $1.49 per pound. I bought a few of those, because they’re really handy, super cheap and the ingredients list is free of anything chemical-sounding. Just real stuff. This was my last one – I hope to find them again soon.

I won’t always have this wonderful meat available, and you’ve probably never heard of it, so, if you’re using just plain cooked chicken or turkey, you could add a teaspoon or so of an herbes de provence blend, which may include any or all of thyme, rosemary, savory, crushed fennel seeds, or other herbs, depending on who packaged your blend. Or just add a teaspoon in total of crushed thyme and rosemary and savory. Or just forget the herbs and move along.

Oh, by the way — brand names are included only to show what brands we use and prefer — I have not been compensated to endorse any brand. But if any companies approach me to do so, I won’t say no outright. Especially Daisy. I love me some Daisy Sour Cream. By the spoonful.

Buffalo Chicken (or turkey) Pasta Salad


10 ounces penne pasta, cooked, drained and cooled
3 cups diced (or chopped) chicken or turkey
1 can small pitted black olives, whole, drained
3-4 cups chopped/torn romaine or leaf lettuce

1/2 cup Hellmann’s mayonnaise (A must. I think it was in our marriage vows.)
1/2 cup Ken’s Steak House Blue Cheese dressing
1/4 cup Daisy Brand Sour Cream
1/3 cup crumbled blue cheese
1/2 tsp worcesteshire sauce
1/4 tsp black pepper
2 T Franks Red Hot sauce
2 smallish or 1 large green onion, sliced
1 cup chopped colored sweet peppers (red, yellow, orange. Not green.)

Combine cooked and cooled pasta, chicken, olives and lettuce in very large bowl.

Combine mayo, dressing, sour cream, blue cheese, black pepper, hot sauce, onions and peppers. Pour over pasta and chicken mixture and toss gently until all pieces are coated. Serve immediately, or cover and chill up to half an hour.

If you want to prepare further ahead of time, you should chill lettuce separately from the rest, and gently stir into the salad just before serving.


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2 Responses to Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

  1. Patty says:

    Sounds really, really good. But down here – the Lowcountry of SC – we use only Duke’s mayo (it’s in the Constitution, I’m sure) and prefer Breakstone’s sour cream over any other!

    • Bobbie Laughman says:

      Though Daisy has been my favorite for years, Breakstone’s is my second favorite, and honestly, it’s what I’ve tended to buy most often since moving to the Gettysburg area in 1999, because only stores I really REALLY hated to shop at would carry it. Until just recently that is, when Kennies Markets in Gettysburg and Biglerville started carrying it. My daughter texted me a photo when she saw it on the shelf and I squealed just a bit. I really do prefer the taste of Daisy and I think it’s because it ONLY contains cultured cream. According to the label, Breakstone’s contains MILK and cream and the enzymes for the culturing. And of course, NEVER EVER buy brands that contain any other ingredients than those! Some add thickeners and flavors — which are only used to try to improve an inferior product. Stick with REAL food. (Yeah, kind of shame on me for using bottled blue cheese dressing. Next time I’ll just do my homemade recipe.)

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