My Kitschy Valentine

My Kitschy Valentine

Whether you call it folk art or kitsch, this is a superb example of the purest form of expression imaginable, created by Not Artists who aren’t intimidated into not “doing art” because they’re not trained as artists, made with care and whatever they can lay their hands on. In this case, hay bales are at hand: note the white-plastic-wrapped hay bale snake in the background.

For a few years, there has stood a nearly constant hay bale guardian on this site along US Route 30, near Cashtown PA. The costume varies by season and holiday, and the hay bales need changed out, as that is the nature of hay, and sometimes the guardian is felled by winds and weather, as it was the last time I passed by, two days after I took this photo.

But this kitschy guardian is never down for long. Within a day or two, weather permitting (and time, I’m sure) the hay bales and costume are back in place.

Call it kitsch. Call it cheesy or tacky, if you must. However you designate these kinds of creations, they are the most honest form of art that exists.

It is truly The People’s Art, and that is why it warms my heart.

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2 Responses to My Kitschy Valentine

  1. Wow, I don’t think I have ever noticed this. Is it before the turn-off to McKnightstown, before the turn-off to Cashtown, or after that?

    • Bobbie Laughman says:

      I’m not good at placing where things are, but I think it’s between those two. It’s directly across from that little place that sells Christmas trees. In fact, I think it may be done by the folks that run that place.

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