“DOGGIES!!” – or – Elizabeth Meets the Mutts

Before anyone freaks, I know they’re not mutts. I’m being lazy and using alliteration in my title because I’m too brain-fogged to be genuinely clever. I may be more apologetic over this later. Or not.

I meant to post the clipping soon after someone who actually subscribes to the Gettysburg Times saw it, recognized the names and gave it to me. The little girl making nice with the doggies is my granddaughter, Elizabeth. If she sees – or even THINKS she sees – any doggies, she will yell, “DOGGIE!!” and insist on meeting them. When we visited my sister’s family, my brother-in-law enjoyed taking his Great Niece around to all meet the neighbor-dogs. And my sister enjoyed reminding him he’s a “Great Uncle” now, trying to make him feel old.

The photo was taken by someone from the Gettysburg Times, on July 21 at the Adams County Irish Festival, which is held at the Gettysburg Moose Park, mostly annually. I think it didn’t happen a couple years, for reasons I’m not privy to.

The location is special for another reason as well. My daughter and son-in-law were married there. How’d that come about that they were married at the Moose Park?

I took my daughter and son to the Irish Festival one year, and they loved it so much that they volunteered at the Festival a few times after that. We’re not even a tiny bit Irish, but they both have the music in their heart. And my daughter loved the venue so much that she decided she wanted to have an outdoor wedding at the same place. With lots of help from friends, it worked.

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1 Response to “DOGGIES!!” – or – Elizabeth Meets the Mutts

  1. writercook says:

    She is such a sweetie pie — MUCH cuter than those Irish wolfhounds!

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