Writer’s Strike: Brain Cells Demand Vacation, Coffee Upgrade

The writing just hasn’t been coming lately. I’ll get ideas when I can’t write, and then when I can sit down at the keyboard….ZipZeroNada. Vanished, every last whiff of it.

If I was being graded on my blogging consistency, or on my doing writing of any kind whatsoever on a what-might-be-considered-regular-basis-if-I-fudge-it (and by fudging it, I mean…lying…) then I’d be happy to be given a Grateful D.

What’s a Grateful D? It’s where you know you should fail the class, and the professor knows you should fail, but he doesn’t want you taking his class again because he can just tell that you really won’t understand Topology EVER, but it’s okay because only geniuses like him understand it and know what it’s for, so he gives you a D, allowing you to check off that requirement for graduation and go bother some other professor with your utter lack of genius in the higher maths and how are you a mathematics major, anyway?

So, you take your D. And you’re grateful. And you don’t tell anyone. Ever.

Oh….ooops. Well. Y’all can keep a secret, right?

And looky there – I wrote a post. If the strike isn’t completely over, then perhaps, at last, negotiations have begun.


About Bobbie Laughman

May vanish if startled. Professional Advice Dispenser. Amateur Human Being. Scam Detector. Christian. Grandma. Writer-ish. Artistic leanings. Anti-social. Old School Trekkie. Contains Nuts.
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2 Responses to Writer’s Strike: Brain Cells Demand Vacation, Coffee Upgrade

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  2. I completely relate to what you describe about writing, not writing, and hating not writing. Hopefully things are cycling around to a better position.

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