Poor boys and pilgrims with families, and we are goin’ to Graceland

My kids and I had a tradition, of a sort, when we’d head west from our home here in south central Pennsylvania, back to Ohio to visit relatives. It happened unintentionally, as I imagine most family traditions begin. While still in the driveway, we’d start Paul Simon’s Graceland album in the CD player, beginning at the beginning, and ending at the end, and then maybe changing to something else, or maybe playing it all the way through again. It’s perfect traveling music – you should try it. Realistically, we really can’t  have done it all that many times, but it happened often enough that it seems like a tradition.

Then there was the time that Graceland was nowhere to be found and so my son put in Dragostea din Tei by O-Zone. Huh? You may not recognize it by the title – it was more popularly known as the Numa Numa Song, because of the video, which you can see by clicking that link. It was one of those bizarre internet phenomena: an overweight nerd became instantly famous for a video of himself, lip-synching to the song and generally just having fun in front of the camera. I thought the video was funny and I liked the song, so I didn’t mind.

And so we started that trip with Numa Numa. And then, we played it again. And yet again. And that’s all we played, pretty much the entire trip. That ONE song, over and over and over.

And we danced. We danced in the car. Yes, even me, while I was driving. (Don’t tell me you’ve never car-danced. Pffft – you’re no fun.) And we sang along as loudly as we could. Oh, and someone took pictures. Not me – hey, I was driving. We just enjoyed each other’s company. At some point, someone played Blue by Eiffel 65, but it didn’t take. We were soon right back to Numa Numa.

Mostly due to my forever-wimpy-I-hate-you-won’t-you-just-die-already Blazer being on the brink of death for over 2 years, and unreliable for long trips, it’s been three years since my kids and I last made the trip out to see aunts and uncles and cousins in Ohio, and a lot has happened since then. They’re both out of high school. Our son’s in college, and our daughter’s married, and has a 15-month old girl that those aunts and uncles and cousins can’t wait to meet. Oh, they’re in for a treat – she’s at a really adorable stage now: walking more steadily each day, and talking up a storm of words in that way where you can tell she’s definitely attempting to say….something, but the words are still mostly incomprehensible. I’m taking notes so I can ask her later what she meant.

Well, now that we ditched the Blazer and I have a nice, sturdy 1999 Ford Explorer with a 3-year/100K mile warranty on the transmission (YAY!) we are going to Ohio. It’s been far too long, and I’m ready.

Graceland is already in the CD player.

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4 Responses to Poor boys and pilgrims with families, and we are goin’ to Graceland

  1. dellajune says:

    I saw something about that on facebook and wondered what that was about. xD /enlightenment/
    I hope you guys have a lovely trip! (:

  2. writercook says:

    Graceland is the BEST driving music. Our recent trip had one big deficit — I was so busy before we left that I sadly neglected our cd situation for the van. I brought an audiobook I grabbed from the library that turned out to be R-rated, and my own audio Pride and Prejudice, which was fine but not really the thing for a drive into the American West. No music! We were so desperate that we stopped at a Barnes and Noble somewhere in Utah and got L’Amour’s How the West was Won, which wasn’t bad, and then again at a Sam’s Club in Nevada for Stephen King’s latest.

    • Bobbie Laughman says:

      I’ve heard they have radio stations in the western part of the country and that they play music. Could be just a rumor.

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