Keurig K-Cup Koffee, here I kome!

Yesterday was mostly a pretty crappy day. I think I had a migraine, but not like my usual ones, during which I am non-functional as anything other than a (somewhat) human vomit machine. I kept calm and carried on, though my head felt explosion-bound and every part of my body hurt. I was less than productive, and the homeopathic migraine stuff wasn’t helping much, so I gave up the fight about 6pm and went to bed with My Friend, The Icepack.

I got up about 10:30, when my husband came home, hoping I would feel well enough to watch an episode of Fringe (the next disc had been in the day’s mail — yay, Netflix!). I was only mildly headachey by then (yay, sleep!) The Husband asked our son to go get a bag and a box out of his truck. I knew he’d been at a client site in Camp Hill, so I assumed he’d brought home some goodies from his favorite place to stop whenever he’s up that way: The Pennsylvania Bakery. The last few times, I’d asked him not to get anything for me. It’s not that I don’t like their pastries – they do everything well, except for biscotti (which, for some reason, are never hard, and don’t fit with my definition of biscotti) However, I really do need to watch my sugar intake. I’m not diabetic, but still, my body tells me in various ways when I’ve overdone it.

Well, it wasn’t the familiar pink bag from The Pennsylvania Bakery. It was a bright red Victoria’s Secret bag. But it was immediately obvious that the contents were not anything that one could buy from that retailer. (Phew!)

When I pulled the item out, I couldn’t help but smile. He’d gotten me a Keurig Mini Plus coffee maker. But he hadn’t gone the easy route of spending too much money on one at a store, which would not have made me happy, as I think they’re just insanely expensive (otherwise I would have bought one a long time ago.)

He’d taken time to find a second-hand unit, in good condition. As busy as he is, he did this for me. I was quite touched by his gesture. The person he’d bought it from also included an unopened box of Green Mountain Gingerbread flavor coffee. Not my favorite, but pretty decent.

In the past, I’ve been pretty lousy at receiving gifts from my husband. Somehow, I never could just say thank you and be appreciative. Apparently, I’d always do something to make him feel like he’d wasted the money, or that it was stupid. Or, I’d just end up never using what he got me. After a while, he mostly stopped getting me anything, except for occasional mini-eclairs from his favorite bakery. It’s been a long time since he sought out a gift specifically for me, so, he was a bit apprehensive about this gift.

Even though I still felt Very Crappy last night, I still tried to make sure he got that I liked the Keurig, and that I had wanted one for a long time. I was happy not only with the gift, but with the fact that he had been looking for a good deal on one of those little Instant Non-Instant Coffee Wonders just for me.

After the last few years, this was a milestone for us. I wonder if he realized it’s been one month since I moved back in?

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4 Responses to Keurig K-Cup Koffee, here I kome!

  1. obimomjacoby says:

    Now you MUST go to Marks to get less expensive k-cups…and invest in an ekobrew cup because it is worth having two of those…we put any regular grind coffee in, use the Keurig, drink the coffee & the ekobrew up can be emptied and it is ready to go again. Very nice & inexpensive.

    • obimomjacoby says:

      …and every time you drink a cup of coffee, it is your husband whispering “I love you”

    • Bobbie Laughman says:

      Wow, Nicki, that one looks SO much better than the one I was looking at on the Keurig site. I love that you don’t have to pull out the cup holder for this one, because it fits right in the holder. As of now, I plan to order the one you suggested — as soon as I have something else to order from Amazon that qualifies for free shipping. And I will definitely be looking at the K-cups at Marks when I go on Tuesday (I stop there every time I go for my massage in New Oxford.)

  2. I love everything about this story. And, don’t wonder — ask him!!! Then give him a smile and a squeeze…

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