Mush brain. With syrup.

Writer’s block? I’m not sure if that’s technically what’s going on here or not. It seems that term implies a desire to write.

Truly, I want to have a desire to write, but lately, it’s just not there.

I have conversations with myself. They go like this:

Me: You haven’t finished a Home Ec 101 post since that boiled beef tongue thing at the beginning of March.

Me: …

Me: You did do that lame Batman-Star Trek-connection blog post at the end of March.

Me: It was not lame. It was cool. Like fezzes.

Me: Not my point, really. It’s been nearly two months since you finished writing something. Anything. Starting a post doesn’t count for squat until it’s done and up. I thought you wanted to be a writer.

Me: Yeah. So did I.

So, here I sit. Five unfinished blog posts on my dashboard. One half-done post for Home Ec 101 sitting around. My brain feels like fried mush, but at least I’ve got real maple syrup in the fridge to serve with it.

And it’s not long, and it makes no sense whatsoever, but… last, I’ve finished a post.

About Bobbie Laughman

May vanish if startled. Professional Advice Dispenser. Amateur Human Being. Scam Detector. Christian. Grandma. Writer-ish. Artistic leanings. Anti-social. Old School Trekkie. Contains Nuts.
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