‘Fess Up Friday: Time to Backpedal

Seems I went and made an egregious error when I set parameters for myself concerning this blog.

Here are the things I neglected to take into account:

  1. Life

That pretty much sums it up, because it encompasses everything. While I would love to write full-time, and have a nice, long post every single day, it’s not possible at this time. I must, therefore, let go the posting every day, and set a goal of Three Posts Per Week – and those will be whatever day I can manage, so I’ve got flexibility and you get a variety of themes. Wordless Wednesdays are pretty easy to do, as it shouldn’t take long to dig up a worthy photo.

What’s got me so busy?  Here’s a sampling from the week ahead or so (some must be done sooner than others)

  • finish a post for another site that I had promised for…yesterday
  • fix ceiling nail pops and spackle the holes
  • touch up ceiling paint where I missed so many spots
  • finish painting a section of living room wall that was problematic
  • finish drywall sanding on wall in shop
  • prime/paint same wall
  • dig out my acrylic paints and decorate something I can’t say here
  • make potato salad and coleslaw
  • clean out refrigerator
  • start packing to move back in with my husband
  • learn about painting decks, buy deck paint
  • repair and rehang a cupboard door
  • figure out what stuff I can live without and how to get rid of it before moving

And that’s not an exhaustive list, and also doesn’t include any of the things I need to figure out about how to make this blog into what I really want it to be, or any of the just everyday stuff that has to be done on a regular basis.

“Wait – moving back in with your husband?”

Yep. That’s a story for another day. Eventually. It’s been an interesting last couple years that were entirely necessary, but I am glad that the hardest parts are over.

Time to walk away from the internet, put on an audio book (A Date You Can’t Refuse by Harley Jane Kozak) and get crackin’ so I can reward myself with Doctor Who (Series 5, Disc 1) at the end of the day.

Favorite Word of the Post: problematic
Least Favorite Word of the Post: backpedal

About Bobbie Laughman

May vanish if startled. Professional Advice Dispenser. Amateur Human Being. Scam Detector. Christian. Grandma. Writer-ish. Artistic leanings. Anti-social. Old School Trekkie. Contains Nuts.
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